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You own a business, and you might have heard that you could use your website to bring in more leads. Are you wondering if you should put money into SEO, Facebook marketing or Google AdWords? Well, here at Xion Thrive we have seen some pretty amazing ROI when people invest their money into search engine optimization! So we can assure you, for a long term success, your best bet is search engine optimization.

Ranking local business’s websites on the first page of Google and at the top of the search engine result page is what our local SEO agency has been doing for the past couple of years. We use white hat SEO techniques that will guarantee the local business website will get massive success.


Case Study: How We use SEO to bring 30-50 leads per week for a local business

This local business owner hired our SEO agency to redesign his website and optimize his Google My Business Listing to ultimately rank at the top of the search engines. Well, after a couple of months of working together, not only did he reach the first position on google, he sent us an email asking us to reduce the number of leads he is getting because he can’t keep up!

We made a short video showing exactly how we did all that!

Local SEO Services For Local Business

Maybe your local business is located in Mansfield, Ohio, and after hearing how your website can drive more leads, more sales, and more customers for your business, and you want to try it… I would suggest that you try search engine optimization (SEO).

People come to Google every day to search for what they need online and they usually choose one of the first options they have. So if you are a local business and you want to make a lot of money using your website, we make sure that your website is one of the first options people have when they are looking for your services online.

Some people would say that search engine optimization is not difficult, and that you can find anyone who knows a little bit about WordPress to do it for you. But if you don’t pay close attention you might even damage your whole campaign process because Google can penalize you if you don’t do the optimization properly.

How Do We Rank 1st Page Every Time

Our Local SEO Strategy

GMB Setup and Optimization

There is no search engine optimization without Google My Business listing. Before we launch your SEO campaign, we will make sure that your business details are accurate. Details such as your business name, your business phone number, and your business address must be accurate. If they are inaccurate,  it will cause problems for your website performance.


Website Prep & Optimization

When we are done with your Google My Business listing, we will launch your on-site optimization process. We will pay attention to many details, such as the header tags, making sure that all the important keywords are spread across your header tags perfectly, and ensuring that your content is relevant. We also make sure that there is a strong interlinking process across the website pages. That way, the authority of your website can be shared across the whole website. All of these important steps are to make sure that the search engine optimization campaign makes your local business very profitable.

Local SEO Citation

There is no successful local Search Engine Optimization campaign without  local citations. Citations are referrals that other directory websites give to Google, saying that your business is legit and that you are serving in your local area. To get the most out of your search engine optimization campaign, we pay close attention to citations.


Link Building

To ensure that you get the most out of the search engine optimization campaign that we launch for you,  we also create link building. This is a way of telling Google that a website in the same industry as you, gives their approval for you to operate where you are serving clients and customers of your local area. We make sure that we create white hat links for your website to maximize the result that you will get from search engine optimization.

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Although Search Engine Optimization is one of the best investments you could make in your business, there is one thing we need to set straight… SEO doesn’t bring results overnight. If you are looking for an SEO agency in Massillon, Ohio that will cut corners and trick Google’s algorithm into ranking number one overnight, then you are at the wrong place. To rank a website on the first page of Google, you should give it at least 90 to 180 days. Although it can also rank in just 15 days.

I bet every single person in the SEO world has asked that question… because not many people are willing to wait 90 to 180 days to see some concrete results with Search Engine Optimization. The answer is NO, there is nothing you can do to rank faster than you actually can. Anything you try to do besides the normal white hat SEO optimization is more likely gonna ruin your website’s performance.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, your website content determines which keywords the pages of your website will rank for. Content that is unique and relevant to the intent of the keyword searched will rank higher than “thin” content that does not satisfy searcher intent.

SEO  decreases your advertising costs

SEO Improves your credibility

SEO drives high-quality traffic to your website

24/7  website promotion

Brand awareness among high quality shoppers

More leads and more sales for your business

Maximize PPC campaign success

It makes your digital marketing strategy stronger

It grows your local marketing efforts


There are multiple ways you can generate leads online. You can use paid advertising, on Facebook, PPC, and so on, and these are more likely to turn to success right away. 

If you want to create a more long term successful campaign, you need to lean more towards organic marketing search as Search Engine Optimization(SEO), and other organic brands to generate leads.

All those marketing strategies work for a certain purpose. If you are looking to launch a new business such as an online store and trying to get attention fast, paid platforms will work better, such as Facebook or PPC. 

If you are looking to build a brand , social media marketing will work, but you also need to focus on multiple channels, and in such cases, all those marketing strategies will fit

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